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Actresses from East Asia with “aura”:

ITO, Misaki (伊東美咲, Japan)
AOI, Yu (蒼井優, Japan)
KIM, Tae Hee (金泰熙, Korea)
SON, Ye Jin (孫藝珍, Korea)
TANG, Wei (湯唯, China)
CHANG, Janine (張鈞甯, Taiwan)

氣質 (pronounciation in Mandarin Chinese: qi zhi) - A Chinese term which has no English equivalent, and is difficult to be translated.

Some dictionaries translate it as “temperament”, “disposition”, “mettle” or “schesis”, but I think none of them is precise enough. 氣質 is an abstract, intangible quality a person carries. When we say a lady has a good 氣質, instead of just “beautiful” or “hot” which are relatively shallow, it means she has a “sense” or “aura” of elegance.

An example from the western world is Sophie Marceau.

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